Terrific Applications Of Lithium Ion 4.8v Battery

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Batteries are used every day that our lives became relaxed and comfortable. It is the most useful device when electricity is absent. It reserves energy that is helpful to our environment.

The lithium battery is a modern tool used by many great modern inventions. You can use a gadget anywhere you go because you do not need electric connections to use it. Sometimes you just charge it repeatedly to make your device function entirely.

To comprehend what is lithium -polymer batteries, you have to know the capacity, discharge, and voltage of the instrument. Each cell contains 3.7 volts and 4.2 v when completely charge so the total package:

4cells x 3.7v = Lithium Ion 14.8v Battery

It has a double cell battery package that needs a different charging unit to produce 7.4v keeping 1000 mAH. You have to be cautious of short circuit effect in handling this equipment because it has no protective circuit shield.

The features of the battery are JST -XH charge plug; 1000 mAH of charge; 7.4v cell packs and dean’s discharge plug connector. It has a diameter of 70mmx35mmx18mm and weighs 85g (2.99 oz)

This battery can supply 2200 milliamp-hours (mAH) for an hour before it fully completes charging. There are many beneficial things that lithium -ion 4.8 battery can give:

It can charge by itself. It only needs a small supply of power for your gadget to work.

There are no more first needs to be done when you used it for the first time. You can immediately charge it like any other old device. There are different types on hand to choose from, and there is no maintenance process. You can use it longer without cautioning for maintenance.

There are also some severe effects in using this type of battery:

It needs protection

You must see to it that it is not over charged and electric current should be in safe zone.


It experiences aging

Lithium -ion battery has an expiration date. It also has an absolute maximum capacity to charge the lithium device.

There are issues on transportation

Lithium -ion battery should not transport through the air because of possible short circuits.

There are cost issues

This battery is 40% more expensive than any other batteries.

It occurs immaturity

This technology does not stay the same for an extended period. It is still under development.

The technological device has its gains and disadvantages like any other gadgets. The important thing is having knowledge of the adverse effects of this tool and in knowing this; you will do some precautionary measures to prevent hazardous events. It can be a lot safer in using it because it protects you from harm.

Lithium batteries have become well verse and become comprehensible as a tool to give power currents to computers, laptops, and some devices that are cordless. It is a simple tool that has a strong source which can be used for a longer time.

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