5 Important Rules to Remember In Pet Sitting

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  1. The first rule that you should remember is if you are going to walk with dogs at night, you need to make sure that you are not wearing dark clothes as well so that you will still be seen while you are walking with the dogs. Also, you need to make sure that the dog/s are in a leash and as well as you bring a flashlight or something with you so that you will still see where you are headed or what is the dog doing while you are walking or most importantly, other people that you will come across while walking will be able to stay away if they are afraid of dogs. Basically for signal purposes, you know like for car need to have headlights so that they will see the road and you will also know that they are coming or which side they are headed towards.
  2. Another one is that you should bring your mobile phone with you, at all time but it does not mean that if you need to bring your phone with you, you will also stay on the phone as long as you want. It is a must that you should not use your phone while you are walking with the pets of your clients so that you will see what the pets are doing or heading that is why using of headphones are not allowed as well, your focus should be on the pets and not on anything else.
  3. Then one of the important rule when you are pet sitting in Essex is that aside from always bringing your phone with you is that you also need to have a business identification card always with you so that if in the event that someone comes maybe law officers, you will be able to show or an evidence that you are who you really are.
  4. Another rule that you should always keep in mind if you are a pet sitter is that if you are going to pet sit more than one pet, then ask your client if they can have an ID tag or something so that their pets will also be protected in the event something unfortunate will happen, though it’s not like you are expecting that something unfortunate will happen but you just also want to make sure that they have one if in the event that they are not wearing a microchip or something to track them.
  5. And then the most important rule that you should always keep in mind like if you are a pet sitter Broxbourne is that you should not and never ever would you throw the pet’s waste into the garbage inside the house. This is actually a most crucial part and a make or break if you will be recommended or not or if they will still get your services if you do this. Doing this is just so awful, like you need to think as if you are the owner of the house, would you like to have the pet sitter throw your pet’s waste in the garbage inside your house? That is why, you also need to have some common sense like putting your own shoes in to the owner’ situation.

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