Popular Old Folk Tales: Death and Dying

Popular Old Folk Tales: Death and Dying

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This is the second guide on old folk tales and superstition and we still believe that life is full of amusing superstitions. There are a lot of superstitions that float around today that are still just as prevalent as others and many people still take them seriously as if they have a real impact on day to day living. Sometimes the belief in a superstition is enough to make them real so in this very interesting guide, we’ve got for you some of the best superstitions on dying and death: after all, it happens to everyone and is applicable for all.

  • Hold Your Breath. When you pass a cemetery, you should always cover your mouth – so lore tells us. Covering your mouth while yawning is not only polite but it makes sure that your spirit doesn’t decide to do a leap from your body to the earth. Holding your breath when you walk past a cemetery supposedly prevents the spirits of those in the ground from entering your body. We wouldn’t really recommend this one otherwise you may get more of a look on the inside of funeral homes in Mesa AZ, and not as a living guest.
  • It’s said that the Bible holds the key to this particular superstition. Have a look (if you have one, that is) at Thessalonians 4:16 -17, which says that an archangel will blow a mighty horn to wake the dead and announce the return of Christ at the Last Judgment. Thunder that occurs after a funeral is finished is said to mean that the deceased have now entered heaven. If thunder occurs during the funeral instead of afterwards, this means that the deceased could head to a much warmer place, and we don’t mean the Tropics.
  • It is said that flowers only grow on the graves of the good and don’t grow across the graves of the evil. The flowers are supposed to signify the deceased’s entrance into heaven and the origin of this particular old folk tale is centuries lost. Flowers are associated with purity, life and new beginnings while their absence signifies despair and limited life.
  • Ever heard of burying the dead so their heads point west? I’m sure your local funeral homes in Tulsa OK won’t point this out to you but you would be surprised how many cemeteries bury their dead with their heads pointing west. Sunrise has long been a heavy symbol of birth and new life while sunsets are the symbol of the end of the day, end of life and ‘sundowning’ has been a phrase associated with end of life dementia. Christian tradition states that the Last Judgment will start from the East – as that is the symbol of a new life and a new day. Cemeteries bury their dead so that they ‘look’ eastward in anticipation of Christ reborn.

Take from these what you will, but ultimately look upon these superstitions as interesting and informative rather than law.

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Why is Body Donation Positive for Society? A Guide

Why is Body Donation Positive for Society? A Guide

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Death is an unfortunate but inevitable part of life so it is practical to discuss what you would like to happen to your body after you die. When faced with these options, considering whole body donation should be one of them. We discuss funeral songs, poetry and even burial plots and crypts but no one ever discusses letting a body be donated to medical science. Some people who have heard of it dismiss it because the idea of allowing a loved one to be used for research and development feels cold and cruel. The thing is, our bodies are not who we are. Our emotions, thoughts and actions are what make us who we are. The trouble with that is letting go of the physical attachments to a person is harder. You should consider whole body donation for the following reasons:

  • The donor is able to give back to future generations leaving a lasting legacy of hope through medical science companies like United Tissue Network.
  • The donor family is able to feel comfort in honouring the wishes of the decedent
  • With many programmes, the donation is free and includes cremation so the added financial burdens of the funeral arrangements – which can be costly – are relieved for the relatives.
  • Each donor can help to support medical research, education and training that will improve patient care in the immediate future.

Practicing doctors and surgeons train on the latest minimally invasive surgical techniques and the most advanced implant technologies. Aspiring doctors in universities work with the full cadaver for several months to learn the intricacies of the human body. Research labs utilise human tissue to develop better treatment options for patients, improving quality of life and longevity.

The need for human tissue for medical research and science is great. If you are considering cremation, try and consider the added benefits that come with whole body donation plus cremation. Although body donation is not for everyone, many are drawn to the ability to leave one last gift for humankind – a very tangible and selfless gift. Some of the best examples of real medical advancements through the gift of whole body donation are:

  • Improved infectious disease testing (to reduce transmission)
  • Better treatment options for Alzheimer’s patients – to improve quality of life for longer.
  • Surgical training for complex procedures. Helping to save the life of a military officer in need of a complex amputation for example.
  • Improvements in facial reconstruction techniques. Helping patients disfigured by trauma or cancer to have a better quality of life.
  • Development of improved drug delivery systems. Transdermal delivery systems help to improve the outcomes for patients by ensuring consistency in delivery.
  • Technological advances in orthopaedic implants – the development of the thirty year knee replacement and helping patients to be active.

If you or a loved one is interested in learning more, contact a local or nationwide whole body donor programme for more information or to join the registry.

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A Guide to Wedding Event Planning

A Guide to Wedding Event Planning

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Events can be huge or intimate, happy or solemn and for business or pleasure. Entertaining is a feature of life now and guests expect parties to be exciting and polished. Imagine yourself elegantly dressed visiting swanky hotels and working with brides and bridal parties of all sizes. Imagine approving the décor, food and music and all the while wearing a headset and being in control and making sure that there is a day to remember. Event organisation is more than just planning a good party. Event planning is not party planning especially in the wedding world. It may look like planning parties and soirees on the surface but the professional event planning world focuses on the rationale or goal of having an event and whether that goal is achieved. Nowadays there are more events and parties than ever before and with the birth of Pinterest and social media sites, advertising your events can be easier than ever.

Being a London wedding planner takes tenacity, approachability and poise because not only are you brokering the best deals with venues and halls, and coordinating smaller touches like cars and flowers, you are also negotiating a potentially very stressed out bride! This role in wedding events is dependent on your taste, your style and your common sense and when you collapse at home after a long day you’ll know you have created an event that your clients and guests will remember for the rest of their lives. Being paid for doing something you enjoy doesn’t necessarily mean it’s going to be easy but it does come with job satisfaction. There are so many advantages of succeeding though and these perks are just the beginning. You get to be your own boss with a lot of event planning agencies and this means no one is looking over your shoulder and no one is telling you what to do or changing your ideas around. You work the hours you need there’s no requirement for a fixed nine to five day. It’s not a boring day at all and you can fit the work around other commitments which is especially handy if you have children around. Your business and your profits which means the more you work the more you earn. You’re not watching the clock unless you’re on a deadline and the hours you’re working aren’t endlessly dull. It’s not necessarily a high pressure position to be in but if you are coordinating people that can be difficult.

Surrey wedding planner coordinate large groups of people and making sure schedules line up perfectly can be stressful especially as event planning is notorious for last minute drop outs and changes and that can also be a stressful time. It is one thing to have someone’s big day in your hands and it’s quite another to sort out a hysterical bride and keep her calm. There are real skills to learn in the events world and if you want to be a professional it will take time to become known and find your own client list.

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What are the Best Places to Shop for Wedding Dresses

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Hunting for a wedding dress can be very exciting and fun. For other “soon to be brides”, they find it a little stressful because of the variations to choose like the design and style of the wedding dress and could not decide which one suits best. The good news is that you can readily shop your wedding clothes anywhere in your local area and or city such as wedding dress in Glasgow in which you will see many ideas to choose from the bridal shop in case you want to have one made by a wedding designer. While you are at the bridal shop, it would be a good idea as well to be open minded towards the dresses that you search.

Finding for the best places to shop for a wedding dress has plenty to offer and you should know exactly what you want to wear on your wedding day. Designers may suggest you variations of tips and ideas but it is up to your decision as to how you want to make things happen. If by so you happened to be someone who has definitely no idea about designing and styling, perhaps is the best time for you to go and see consultation for a perfect wedding dress. Bridal shop hopping can be tiresome and this is not easy because of the feeling that you want to see the most beautiful dress that your eyes have laid on.


Sometimes you will end up frustrated, so it is better for you to not limit your options in looking and searching for a wedding dress. What are you going to do in order to achieve your goal? By simply setting your mind as the type of design that you want to wear for your wedding. It is basically your decision and your plan, be sure that you know what you exactly want. Where your other options as you continually are search for a perfect wedding dress? People nowadays would just go straight directly to browsing over the internet and you will find that there are so many websites that offers good value of wedding dresses. Ideas that you can choose is the most important thing.

Bridal magazines are a good learning for you to read if they have mentioned about selecting wedding dresses through culture, tradition and religion. Information is very crucial especially if you are to be wedded with a different culture. This is one way of a better understanding with too many variations over the internet; next thing that you are going to do is plan for the wedding gown. For sure with the so many ideas, you are able to come up as to what will be your design, style and the kind of wedding dress.

As you discover and explore the so many variations of wedding gowns, hoping to wear it at the most awaited event that is going to happen in your life as you are making history for your generation to come and share with them your experiences. So what are you waiting for? Get your best gown at Glasgow bridal shops.

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